S​/​T 7 Inch

by Altered Beast

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(free) 02:16


Self Titled debut seven inch.


released January 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Altered Beast Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: S.O.S.

I reach my hands to the sky
When my words won't speak.
Collect my strength from inside
When I'm fragile and weak.

Dominate the hard times
When they fall like rain.
Drink the blood from my wounds.
Feed off the pain, collapse the vein.

When I'm exhausted,
Losing all.
Pick me up
If I fall.

Drag me out
Waring thin
At a loss
Just can't win.
Throw me a line
If you're a friend
Don't lose hope

Sink or swim.

Beat down
And left to bleed
A sense of security
Is all I need


Track Name: The Treatment
The Treatment

The treatment is simple
A script full of shit will do.
How fixes can you fill me full of
Before my bodies through?

Once a month keep me coming.
Take the money and run.
Cant cure nothing so cover it up.
A living dead boy walking numb,
Aint it fun

Ain't it
Ain't it

Puppet on a string
Hear the scream
Can't cut loose
I'm far too sick
Far too sick from you.
From you.
Track Name: Falling Apart
a beacon of hope
These failures I cope with.
Like a fiend with no fix,
it's hit or miss.
I'm a regular shitfit.

Riddled with scars
that outline my past.
Never look back.
I got what I got.
Nerves shot.
Falling Apart.

Cuz I'm falling apart

Build me up to bring me down.
Pigs blood spilled upon the crown
or handshakes from a beasted hand.
This future I can't comprehend.
Track Name: In The City
The City

Midtown fleas and snakes
Crackheads crawling inside to bake
Cold breath wrapped around your face
Hear the silence calling out my name.

In the city
Don't sleep.

Promises left unfulfilled
The streets lost innocent got killed
Nameless bodies fell victim to crime
The neighborhood watch can't keep the time.

In the city
Don't sleep.

Cortez wrap the shoes around my feet.
Eyes froze to the cracks on the street.
Homeless at churches waiting to eat,
Sleep under bridges to escape the heat.

Don't sleep
In the city.
Track Name: I Try

A lack of heart is easy,
Can't hang when tested.
Spirit broke, soul pawned
But don't shit the bed
When the pressures on.

Like in battle when I'm dragging the weight,
Please don't fuck with me.
A beast that's been beaten and chained
Can't kill what's meant to be.

Cuz at the end of the day
What have I got to show?
My family, this band, my job's all I fucking know
Or care about.
A college degree didn't set me free
That was a lie.
Now when I look in the mirror
At least I try.

At least I try.

It's only natural that I give a fuck
Cuz even with bad luck,
I'll fight that shit to the end.
Or when you gotta turn your back.
Sometimes they don't know how to act.
You gotta shed sometimes
Even if they're your friends.
At least I try.
Track Name: Altered Beast
Altered Beast

Twist my form into a shape
Cuz sometimes I can't relate.
It's like a vent, an escape.
A twist of cain or some kind of hate.

Some kind of hate.

Bi polar or inner peace
Without this noise my thoughts won't cease.
Jeckyl and Hyde
Pyschological feast
Am I loco or just an Altered Beast

Altered Beast
Im an Altered Beast.